On Saturday, June 1, 2019 in the evening the Lord called home His
devoted child of God, Lily Kelly Harrison due to a fatal car accident
involving a drunk driver.  ( Click Here for News Article )

Words from Lily’s Momma, Faith:

dedicated Lily to the Lord as a small baby, she was my Samuel , and
just like Hannah did, I grew her in the Word, was fortunate to get to
steward her special life, and return her to her rightful home, in Heaven
with Jesus.

Lily would want nothing more through this than for
everyone to seek Jesus. She loved our Savior so deeply, if you would do
me the tiniest favor, and speak so simply to our Creator, and ask Him to
reveal Himself through this tragedy to you and each and every one that
learns of it, I would be so grateful.

For Lily’s life to be a
legacy of His goodness, hope and love, that would be exactly what He put
her here for. She wanted everyone to have a close personal relationship
with our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.”

 Mark 12:30 – ALL IN FOR JESUS

  1. June 5, 2019

    Lily. A beautiful, sweet and special soul. So uplifting and encouraging. Her smile was amazing. I have so many memories of her and her mama from the HCA family and school, birthdays, parties, Cotillion to the day-to-days around campus and chats. She was a joy and will be remembered by me in all this. I will purposefully also remember her as a soul who loved her Heavenly Father and others deeply and genially.

    • June 25, 2019

      Thank you Danielle. Lily and I cherished our Horizon school family and community, and our personal friendship with you and your family! Such special memories we have shared together. Thank you for sharing her love in Jesus, her life’s purpose and surrender to our Heavenly Father. May Lily’s life’s legacy of hope, peace and joy in the the free gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ be widely shared and stir hearts to surrender to Him and share in the same hope, peace and joy that Lily had and lived out! Thank you for your love and kindness to Lily and me all of these years. We both love you and your family deeply.

  2. June 5, 2019

    I am moved by your strength as a mom and I honor you fir your faithfulness to Jesus in the midst of such pain. Praying that Lily’s life will impact many now and into the future. I don’t know any of you but saw a post on heavenly gourmet on Instagram. We live in Cyprus an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Much love

    • June 25, 2019

      Thank you Georgia, thank you for your note, your prayers and for sharing how Lily’s life has has impacted you, all the way across the pond! Praise God for His outreaching goodness!

      Please keep in touch with us, as our prayer is to do the work of the Lord, that He will do through us His perfect will as we continue in her life’s legacy and tell the story of Lily Kelly’s life, may He stir hearts for His Kingdom, and turn lives to Full Surrender in His precious name!! … all across the globe!

      Our prayer since June 2nd, is that our sweet Lily will be the catalyst for massive, outreaching salvation. We kindly request, you please continue to share in her legacy and grow His Kingdom through it.

      Surrender – Mark 12:30

      Thank you Georgia,
      Faith – Lily’s Mom

  3. June 5, 2019

    Faith this is such a touching tribute to your beautiful daughter Lily. Aunt Candy, Justin, Christy (possibly Nader) and I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

    • June 25, 2019

      Uncle Rick, thank you for your note. Thank you, Aunt Candy, Justin, Christy and Nader for making the trip out to celebrate our precious Lily’s life together! I know the sacrifice you made to do so. I love you each so deeply and am so grateful for you.

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