Unexplainable | The Bible as Applied to Two Ordinary Lives


Unexplainable | The Bible as Applied to Two Ordinary Lives
Six Short-Story Studies
By Faith Zember

Limited First Release!

The first book in a three-part set, this study will help answer questions such as:

  • Can joy and sorrow coexist?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is there a guidebook for the journey this side of Heaven?

Rich foundational core principles are covered in this study. Biblical topics include:

  • Grief and loss
  • The promise of Heaven
  • Trials and pain
  • Forgiveness
  • Sexual purity and principles of waiting
  • Tithe and God’s providence

About the book:
Have you ever inadvertently stepped outside yourself, even if for a moment, silenced in awe?

In that quiet instance, when taken aback by the brief, yet profound awakening, your confidence in forever soared. Brimming with the foreknowledge of more – what is yet to come. In these pinhole experiences of life, the simultaneous presence of both flesh and spirit become temporarily understood. The coexistence of the supernatural, amidst the ordinary, natural life around you is illuminated. As if provisionally removed from the body, the heightened sense of spirit is palpable.

In the pages that follow, the Bible will come alive. What once may have seemed out of reach, will easily be within your grasp. Technicolor radiance will replace the once monochrome drudgery of reading Scripture. These chapters will draw you deeper and more ravenous for the Word.

The six short-story studies will lead you to mountaintop summits and accompany you amidst the deepest of sorrowful valleys. Your path will be illustrated with the vastness of God’s beauty in the coexistence of grief and elation, sorrow, and joy.

Together we voyage familiar territory, grounds upon all can relate. The application of scripture ignites a thirst for more. The stories reveal God’s radical truth juxtaposed with the gentle simplicity they are rooted in. And as you read, He, being the good, good Father, will generously deliver His peace, His hope, and His joy in abundance.

Unexplainable, the Bible as applied to two ordinary lives.

5.00 out of 5

14 reviews for Unexplainable | The Bible as Applied to Two Ordinary Lives

  1. Merae (verified owner)

    I finished this study a few weeks ago and what an encouragement it was to me! The focal theme is Jesus and the hope we have in Him. This study told sweet stories of a mother and daughter on the journey of life, until Lily received her call home. Faith shares her heart with such grace as she travels the road of grief and loss. This study is for anyone who has experienced loss or hurt and finding hope to endure. I would recommend this book to all my friends and family. It will draw you in and bring you closer to the Lord as you study each chapter.

  2. Judy

    This book is so beautifully written! It points the reader to God and how He can use us in any circumstance we find ourselves in and how He’s always working behind the scenes for our good and His glory. I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone wanting a deeper relationship and understanding of God. The scripture on the pages is aligned perfectly with the story Faith is telling.

  3. Jeff

    How can one find strength & faith in tragedy? This book clearly addresses that a life lived intentionally according to HIS Word will create the foundation that the world cannot destroy.

  4. Trish

    This study really brings you closer to God and what He wants for Your life. It really made me think about what is most important, and that is Jesus. And for those who don’t know Him, how important and urgent it is for us to be a light for Him for others to see. The story line is heartfelt and will tug at your heart strings, as you see how Jesus worked in and through Faith and Lily. I highly recommend this study. You will be blessed.

  5. Lisa Copeland (verified owner)

    This book brought me to tears of sadness and joy for the life lived by this extraordinary young lady Lily. We live in uncertain times and I found huge solace in this book and the peace only God can give. I highly recommend this book. Your soul will thank you!

  6. Kim

    For anyone who desires practical help in growing in their relationship with Jesus, this book is a tangible tool that can help you in doing just that! Bringing Scripture into every day life and the question parts at the end of each chapter give the opportunity to reflect into your own life and help you grow in your own personal journey! Great workbook that works on the heart, recommended for all seeking a real relationship with Jesus!

  7. Joyce Sutherland

    Heart-wrenching agony over the loss of the most precious possession in this world — do you relate? Do you search for meaning in the unbearable walk you are enduring? Then, this book is for you! Faith writes of the unfolding of God’s presence, His comfort, His direction in His time as she relates her experiences, her failures, her triumphs in a remarkably honest, forthright, challenging and encouraging way with study guides to go deeper into God’s own word as she shares so beautifully what God is teaching her and she, in turn, is sharing boldly with us, with all who will listen!

  8. DeLinda Forsythe (verified owner)

    I loved the book so much I purchased several as gifts. Though I’ve never lost a child, I cannot imagine the agony, this book helps find peace in loss. I especially love Faith’s transparency in sharing her imperfect life, it makes us all feel more comfortable in our stories. I highly recommend this wonderful guide to finding God in loss.

  9. Heidi

    The book “Unexplainable, The Bible as Applied to Two Ordinary Lives” demonstrates how the Lord reveals Himself in unexpected places and how beautifully He displays His glory and grace upon us. This book is Holy Spirit inspired and eloquently brings alive the life of two lives revealed through the Lord’s perfect way. I was inspired and challenged in my own life after reading each chapter. I love how Faith brings in specific scriptures and links them to each story. My heart was overwhelmed and my emotions were caught up with these two lives. But God, but God…The Perfecter of our faith.

  10. Louie (verified owner)

    God’s work is all around us and there are times we overlook it…..This book illuminates God’s work in 2 “ordinary” lives. It demonstrates how the Lord works in our lives big and small. It was an easy read and very well written. The chapters in this book make it clear how to apply God’s word to your life and is backed up with tons of sculpture. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  11. Amber

    Such a beautiful and intimate account of Faith and Lily’s life together intertwined with biblical lessons we can all learn from and grow with God by reading. I have enjoyed reading excerpts to my 11 year old and we compare answers in the workbook sections, finding biblical references to support our opinions. Thank you for this precious gift…

  12. Todd

    This book is a powerful tool for those who are struggling with life’s difficult “why” questions? This is you, as the “why” applies to everyone at some point in life. Although, I do not believe the answer to the “why” will be given this side of heaven, nor does the book intend an explanation, however, “Unexplainable” does provide the reader with one woman’s incredible vulnerability in how to appropriately approach and respond to the “why”. Unexplainable leads the reader through the life of an unshakable women’s faith amongst life’s most devastating event- the loss of a precious child. One cannot walk away from this book without a sense that their own “why” is for a purpose, an astonishing purpose indeed! Read this book and unlock God’s purpose for your “why”.

  13. Suzanne

    We went through this book study as a group. Faith tells her story in an honest and heartfelt way that creates an engaging environment for everyone to share. The questions will challenge you to strengthen your faith in God while reassuring you that God is always with you. She encourages a forgiving heart and creates a stronger awareness of the grace and mercy we are given.

  14. Dani Waggoner

    This story is based on love and truth, and what many ordinary hearts need. This book is a beautiful gift for us all, filled with hope and knowledge with the love of the Lord. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life and family

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