SURRENDER Beaded Bracelet Kit | ORIGINAL


Kit includes elastic band, plastic red beads and white/black lettered beaded. Sized to fit S – XL.

Lily made her SURRENDER bracelet with her own hands, as an act of surrender to her Lord and Savior, wearing it daily as an outward sign of her love and devotion to Him.

We encourage you to do the same, enjoy making your SURRENDER bracelet and proudly wear it, sharing His love with those who you encounter.

“O, God, strengthen my hands” Nehemiah 6:9a – Lily notes this verse on her Instagram bio, highlighted and underlined it in her Bible and cross-references it with Isaiah 45:10 in the margins.

Every Lily Kelly Ministry SURRENDER bracelet makes an impact. Each purchase pays to further share the message of hope in God’s love through salvation found in Jesus Christ.

Size: one size fits all

All Surrender bracelets are assembled by our friends at Care-Rite

5.00 out of 5